Friday, February 26, 2010

Parking lots, Diners and dog play.

As we said once before, we can only stay in this RV Park for 30 days at a time. We had to leave again for 24 hours before starting our next 30 day stay. Last time we left, we stayed at a nearby campground in a cramped site at a premium price and didn't enjoy it at all. This round, we noticed that many people stay in a nearby public parking lot overnight without any problems so we thought we'd save a few dollars and try it. Technically, the sign in the lot says that you may not be there between 2am and 4am, so we were waiting for the knock on the door until about 3:59 am or so. We got very little sleep that night. I don't think we have properly informed people about the number of homeless people in this area, but there are many. Our choice for a place to spend the night turned out to be a favorite spot for the local homeless population. It was interesting watching the overnight comeraderie and cooperation between these people, but we were VERY happy to pull back into our very secure comfortable campground and set back up.

We went to another one of the diners in Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives book. It was a very retro looking diner called the Studio Diner and it is actually nestled up against a working television/movie studio. The owner of the studio built the diner so that the crews would always have a place to eat during working hours. The food was fantastic, but the chef was too busy to autograph Vicki's book. There is actually a sign over the door that says "No Autographs" but we assumed that it was part of the movie-themed decor, not referring to a chef in a diner. The diner is very military friendly. While we were eating, two soldiers in uniform sat at the counter to order lunch and were told by the server to try the fresh made milkshakes. ($7.00 each on the menu) They didn't seem to want to spend that much and then the server said "What's the difference? I'm not charging you for your drinks." Very nice to see.

The dogs have had a few play dates recently, enjoying the company of Maggie, (a small docile female mix) and Brook. (a large, rough playing female ridgeback) They just love the company.

Friday, February 5, 2010

We're still alive, Really!

We are almost finished with our second thirty day round in Mission Bay. San Diego is a very nice area to spend the colder months, and this RV park is so good for the dogs that we have decided to spend one more round here before heading north. We have just been poking around San Diego, the lighthouse and views from on top of Point Loma are worth seeing. Staying in one spot this long has been nice and relaxing, but we will be ready to continue our travels as the weather warms. We love having the ability to move or not, and being able to follow the milder temperatures. Since we've been here, we have seen more rain than San Diego has seen in years, a sprinkle by East Coast standards, and we have felt the ground shaking under us twice due to earthquakes. A parked motorhome must be one of the safest places to be during an earthquake. We had a water main break cutting off water for a day, luckily we had 95 gallons of fresh water on board. The electricity here was off for about eight hours one day, we love our generator.

Our most recent purchase was a Nintendo wii, aside from looking like a fool outside swinging non-existent swords, raquets, clubs and paddles, invisible bowling balls, frisbees and the like, I have sore muscles that I didn't know even worked! Great technology and it's tiny! Perfect in the RV.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates, I'll work on that.


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