Friday, June 18, 2010

Harrisburg Oregon/ middle of nowhere...

Our friends needed repairs in Junction city Oregon, so we met up with them in Harrisburg Or. The weather was horrible, cold, windy, and rainy. The town of Harrisburg is really three blocks of friendly nothing. There was a resident bald eagle that we saw several times, but overall, we were thrilled to get out of there! So off we went to Maryhill Washington...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Way behind...

Once again, I'm a few weeks behind. Some of it is laziness, some of it is a lack of decent high speed internet connections. ( Mostly just lazy) We are sitting in West Yellowstone while updating this, so there will be a few posts before I catch up. We have seen some beautiful country and some really wet and cold Pacific Northwest weather. We are getting really tired of cold rainy weather. It figures that we came up the west coast during one of the coldest and most rainy springs on record.

The dunes here are the largest and highest in the country, over 500 feet high! Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your hobbies, the dunes here are open to off road vehicles. We had them to ourselves for almost a week... and then Memorial Day. I have never seen so many quads in one place at one time ever. Everyone was well behaved, but it becomes too dangerous to walk across the dunes. A dune buggy jumping off a dune cannot turn in midair to avoid a pedestrian. There are separate areas for hiking and walking that are off limits to the off road crowd.

This is a great area to wear out your dogs, (both the canine type and your feet) as the climb up the dunes is very difficult due to the deep soft dry sand and very steep inclines. Nothing like throwing a frisbee off a huge dune and watching the dog disappear! You would be amazed at how long it takes a dog to climb back up a steep soft sand dune. He slept really well that night. When you do make it to the top, the views are incredible! Woahink lake and campground to the east, and the Pacific ocean to the west! The lake is deep, cold, clear, and filled with beautiful trout.

We did have a ball watching one particular sparrow who either fell in love with himself, or was trying to kill his arch rival in our rear view mirror! He repeatedly threw himself at his own image for a week. It was fun to watch.

We left Woahink Lake for Harrisburg to meet friends who were having some RV issues attended to in Junction City, not much there... Next post from Maryhill Washington. (Not much there either)


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