Saturday, January 9, 2010

Contentedly sitting still.

Well, we haven't updated the blog in so long that it is going to be quick and efficient update. We haven't moved more than a couple of miles since arriving in San Diego. The Weather here is fantastic and we have avoided the cold snap that hit the rest of the country. Our daughter Kacy flew out to stay with us for a while and was thrilled with the sunshine and warm weather. We went to the zoo again and poked around the big bay. Mostly, we walked the dogs around Mission Bay and relaxed. We got a humming bird feeder as a gift and the humming birds flock to it. I love to watch them fight over it... Nothing like two inch flying combatants.

There is a beach just down the street called Dog Beach that allows all dogs to be off-leash on about 8 acres of beach on the Pacific Ocean on the west side and a channel on the north side. There are dozens of dogs loose and playing everywhere! Our little (and dumb) beagle became the object of attention for a great dane and his weimaraner buddy. It was hilarious watching the beagle (who usually acts all tough with other dogs) try to shake off the following giants. We finally had to rescue him, I think he was humbled by the experience.

While our daughter was here, we had the worst neighbors we have ever had in a campground. The group was a Jeep club that consisted of about 10-15 people in probably a half a dozen rigs. They set up an elaborate party site right next to us and lined it with lighted palm trees and extra speakers for the sound system. They played games late into the night and had one woman with the loudest, most annoying laugh I have ever heard. I love Jeeps, these people were just rude. I finally had to go next door and ask them to quiet down one night, only to find out the next morning that our neighbor on the other side had called security on them.

We are only allowed to stay here for 30 days and then we must leave for 24 hours. So tonight we are in a neighboring campground for one night so that we can return to our campground for an additional 30 days. This place is exellent!
Check out the statues and the USS Midway in the photos. If I have the energy, I might post more Zoo photos.


  1. Vicki & Porter - please remember to share a toast with us Graudation night the 16th. That's next Saturday. The weather here in Quartzsite is also gorgeous which makes our gathering so much fun. We haven't been near as bad as your Jeep people.

  2. Hey Guys! Thanks for the update Porter! Kacy looks great! Kid has to travel to San Diego, have her picture taken and posted on your blog for me to see her! Shame she only lives 12 miles away, LOL!

    Love this blog! Tell me about the statue. What is it made of? And what was up that skirt?! Do I really want to know?

    Hope you both are doing well! I've never before been anxious to be in Quakertown as I am now!

    Love You!

  3. Looks like you found a nice place to just sit for awhile especially if you got rid of those awful neighbors!! They sounded terrible, some folks just don't get it.

    Continue to ejoy the nice weather and the area you are in.

    Mike and Gerri



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