Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last day at Disney and another Diner from DDD!

We had one last day to spend at Disneyland. There were a couple of rides that we didn't want to miss. We started the day with a fantastic roller coaster ride on "California Screamin", a very good coaster that really gets your attention! From there, we rode "Soaring", a very smooth and fun attraction. We also couldn't resist taking a ride on The Tower of Terror. The line was fairly long and when we first got in it, the funniest thing happened, there were a couple of sparrows involved in some sort of domestic dispute. They were going at it like gangbusters when apparently, Vicki's head got in the way and they flew right into her... A totally new Disney experience. The kicker was the one hour wait in line for the Indiana Jones Adventure ride. After winding through the cattle chute for an hour, the ride broke down... This was the last ride we intended to ride that night, but they were kind enough to give us a free pass to ride any other ride that night... as the park got ready to close. Oh well, Disney is usually very accomodating and we love them anyway!

We also got to eat at another Diner from Diner's, Drive-in's, and Dives! I insisted on taking Vicki to see where I lived in Seal Beach California after I moved away from Pennsylvania in 1979. The place on thirteenth street hasn't changed except for the huge sand berm blocking the view of the ocean. We took a quick glance at the apartment and then set out to find the Schooner or Later Cafe. It turns out that it was less than a mile away. The Cafe is accessable from the water and has it's own dock in the marina. It was very crowded, and for a good reason. The food was incredible and the atmosphere is fantastic as well. The prices are surprising low for a dockside diner that is so busy. We are updating the blog from Desert Hot Springs, so, another update will be coming soon.

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