Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big trees, Wilderness...

----------------------- Our Jeep becomes a coffee table during Happy Hour.---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
We enjoyed riding our bikes through some of the biggest damn trees we've ever seen!

The dog loves the hollow trees! These trees are so big! I can't imagine going off the road and hitting one of these things...

We've had a lot of rain and cold weather since we arrived in Oregon, 20 degrees below normal for the last week or so... We should have stayed in San Diego. Deep in the redwood forests, no cell phone signal, no air card reception, total dead zone. Completely cut off from civilization... If you climb on top of the RV and stand facing the northeast mountain and don't move, you can get a cellphone signal. It felt a little silly having conversations while standing on top of the motorhome... Especially in pajamas... I'm sure you all understand.

Really violent surf here, large logs in the water and the occasional rogue wave that will be several feet higher than you expect, if your back is turned, you will be swept off of your perch and deposited in very cold and very rough water.

No lack of driftwood on this coast. Huge logs and whole trees are washed up on the beaches everywhere. Just one more reason to stay out of the surf, at any time, you could be hit with a giant tree trunk hidden in a wave! What great sport! Notice the lack of surfers, despite the incredibly rough surf.

We ran across a bunch of harbor seals sunning themselves on the north side of the jetty, while the sea lions fought for space on a dock on the south side of the same jetty in Brookings, Oregon.


  1. Those trees are huge and just beautiful!! We have never been to the west coast so it will be an experience quite different from the east. Can't wait to experience it.
    Great pics as usual....thanks for sharing.
    Travel safely!!
    Mike & Gerri

  2. We plan on being here on the Columbia until the 1st of June and then we'll head over to Montana. We want to be at Fort Peck on the 8th for fishing. And we too are having rain, cold, rain, cold with an occasional sun.

  3. At the risk of repeating myself... gorgeous pictures!



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