Friday, December 4, 2009

Sitting in Yuma!

There are so many RV parks in Yuma, it is almost impossible to choose one. We found one with a really entertaining website and good reviews but when we pulled up, it is a 55+ park. They didn't mind at all and we changed our reservation from two nights to a week after staying just one night. The people here are from all over North America, probably one third Canadian, and all very active. The area around Yuma is apparently a major winter destination for snowbirds. We went to the grocery store today, and there was no way to tell what state we were in from the license plates in the parking lot. Probably 25% of the plates were from Arizona.

Nothing like Christmas lights around the pool and spa, with palm trees everywhere... I also like the military aircraft flying out of the Yuma airport. Harrier's and F-18's mostly, with the occasional C-130 mixed in. If you google-earth this airport, Air Force One is parked on the tarmac. Not here now, but cool.


  1. We haven't made it to Yuma yet but Apache Junction is the same way - rv parks everywhere and millions of snowbirds. We weren't really having all that much done on the MH - a bunch of little things that needed to be checked, an oil change, the hot water heat switch, etc. But they specialize at this service place and the one guy did everything he could but the other guy was off work until Monday.

    Are you guys going to come to Q in Janary?

  2. Oh wow! We envy you all. We are in an almost empty campground with NO Christmas decorations except for the ones we put up. We are here because our son lives here and want to be with him for the holidays. Yuma looks like an interesting place.
    Take care and have fun.

    Mike and Gerri

  3. I bet no pigs heads in THAT grocery store! LOL!

  4. I lived in Yuma, three times, for a total of 8 years. The population more than quadruples in the winter. Of course the first time I lived there I do not think that there was a single RV park (1966). Funny how there isn't RV's there in the summer........... LOL!



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