Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yuma update

Ok, a couple of new experiences here. First, it is absolutely wonderful to be able to use the pool and hot tub in December while looking at palm trees and desert cactus. A far cry from last December when we were looking at snow and trying to keep the chicken's water from freezing in the coop. The sign at the pool was a new twist for us... We're glad it's there though.

Another thing we ran into and took advantage of was a mobile vegetable and fruit vendor. We heard the typical ice cream truck "London Bridge is falling down" music approaching, and were shocked to see a truck pulling a trailer load of great looking fresh fruit and vegetables trolling the RV park. We bought asparagus, lemons, grapefruit and tomatoes. It was all very good.

The next new experience was kind of dirty... Really dirty. Back in Las Cruces New Mexico, we had the RV washed and waxed. It looked fantastic thanks to a couple hours of very hard work from a crew of three men and two women. Sitting in Yuma one night, the wind picked up and carried copious amounts of sand and dust with it... I didn't realize it was as bad as it was until I took the dogs out for their late night walk in a choking 35mph dust storm. The windows were open on the RV and we woke up to a thick layer of dust inside, a filthy RV outside, and one totally filthy Jeep. The dog water bowl outside looked like it was filled with mud...

Speaking of dogs, life is never dull. We enjoy working on the occasional jigsaw puzzle during longer stays in parks and just recently found out that beagles really enjoy eating any dropped pieces... We were just glad that he left us one corner of the piece so we wouldn't be searching for it. The aussie on the other hand finds himself in the strangest places. In the photo, he is perched on the 10 inch deep counter in the bathroom. Cats have nothing on this guy. Coming next, the trip into California.


  1. I love your beagle story. We had a beagle and she was the smartest dog I've ever known. She knew how to find her way to Grandpa's house but darned if she could ever find her way home again.

    We have yet to experience a dust storm. Not looking forward to it either. Our rig is filthy from all the rain we've driven through.

    Have fun in California

  2. What a beagle!! He must have one amazing jump in his bag of tricks! Sorry to hear about the dust storm. Never experienced that but like Jim and Sandie our coach is dirty from all the rain we have had. Yuk
    That sign on the hot tub entrance was interesting. Good that it was there but sad that it was needed. We have never experienced hot tubs in December either but at this point would love to give it a try. The weather has been terrible. Time to head south.

    Travel safely to California!!

  3. Yo Porter! What did you have to give up in order to get Vicki to pose for that picture? LOL! Never mind! I REALLY don't want to know!



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