Monday, July 5, 2010

Maryhill, Washington

Maryhill Washington is a beautiful area! Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing here but a few farms, vineyards, windfarms, hydroelectric dams, and the barges and trainyards. The campground was beautiful, with the largest spaces we have ever encountered, but besides fishing, there wasn't anything to keep our interest. The truckstop at the exit was the only source of groceries, and a replica of stonehenge (built by Sam Hill as a monument to fallen soldiers from the area) was the only real point of interest and takes 15 minutes to tour... Between the exhaust brakes on the trucks coming down the steep hill behind the campground and the constant presence of trains, there is no peace and quiet...ever. Onward to more interesting places.

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  1. I don't dare let Jim read your comment about "besides fishing" because he thinks there is nothing else but fishing. But it sure doesn't sound like a place I want to stay. I'd love to see the stonehenge place though.



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