Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beaches and Dreams

The water was a little rough today, but still beautiful. Vicki and I went down to the pier this morning to take a beach walk. There are many miles of deserted beaches in this area that make for fantastic walks! We met a young man in an old Dodge D50 pickup who had a beautiful pitbull on his passenger seat while we were turning around in a parking lot.(I missed my turn.) We flagged him down because he was obviously a local and would know the local spots where you could run your dogs on the beach. He was fantastic and drew us a map to miles of dog friendly beaches and a very close spot where nobody will bother you. We can't wait to go. We're spending a little more time here than expected because there are still things to do and we really like the area. Who would have thought of Alabama as a fantastic vacation and scenic area? The campground here is beautiful. A huge outdoor pool with a hot tub and a nice indoor pool with another hot tub. The sites are huge, it's like having a lawn at your campsite. We can tie the dogs to the picnic table on 20 foot leads and they have full access to the grass and trees and are nowhere near the neighbors. Once again, I love it here.


  1. Reading your post makes me really want to go to Alabama. Wonder what it'll be like in December in that area. That's when we're going to be going through. I need your doggy map. Our pups would love it.

  2. Oh My Goodness! You said it was beautiful and from the photo's I see what you mean. Who would think Bama has a soft side?

  3. Porter the beach photos are beautiful. When enlarged, I feel like I'm right there with you. Thanks! Loved the froggies too.



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