Monday, September 21, 2009

We made it to Texas!

We finally made it to Texas! We are in the small city of Beaumont and have already noticed many differences from home. There are different speed limits on the highways during daylight hours compared to nightime hours. The gas stations sell single bottles of beer on ice, however open containers are illegal... Go figure. Football is everything here and nascar is definitely secondary. We ran into a group called the 8th Wonder Wheelers which is a group of Houston Texan fans who meet before home games and have a great time. They filled the campground on Friday and left for the game on Sunday morning. Once again, there are many people living and working out of this campground. The trucks all leave for work between 5:00 and 7:00 am, we met one couple that is staying here while working that said it was worth it to save an extra hour and a half commute every morning. Makes a lot of sense to me... The trains here are serious. They are pushed and pulled by multiple engines and can take up to five minutes to cross an intersection... We also ran into a variety of grackle called the great tailed grackle that sings like you wouldn't believe, almost like a mockingbird. We aren't in a tourist area right now, but we'll still post the photo's we have.


  1. Oh my goodness! Would you look at that baby! All snuggled in with Mommie!! LOL! In my next life I'm coming back as THAT dog, LOL!

    Glad to hear the trip to The Great State of How 'Bout Dem Boys Texas went well. Porter are you keeping track of the total miles so far? That would be interesting only cause I like that kind of crap.

    Not much going on here. Weather doesn't know what it wants to do. Days can be sorta warm with cool evenings that make you think "Damn, gonna have to put the heat on soon!" Leaves haven't started to turn yet but you can see they are getting ready to.

    Been on the bike a lot after work. Lots of people taking advantage of the cool evenings to go for a ride. We all sorta know the end is coming so we better get it in now while you can. Bike riding real smooth. She's so pretty as I waxed her up again. No bugs so my helmet is looking good too. But better still no beetles in my bra! I'll leave you now with that thought, LOL!

    Happy Trails! As always, I remain,
    Your Queen

  2. Hi Guys, Glad to see you guys have had a pretty uneventful trip to Texas. We sure miss you here in West Virginia. Things haven't changed much...other then the leaves that is. I think we are in for a long cold winter...darn it. Anyway we haven't been able to post comments on here yet so thought we would give it a try again. Keep those pics and posts coming and we hope to see you guys again some day.

    Hugs and Kisses
    Dee and John



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