Monday, September 7, 2009

Nature's Summer Music

The temperature dropped today, due to a full day of rain. We were able to open all the windows tonight and turn off the air conditioners. There is no human created noise here, but there are two or three types of tree frogs that make noises that sound like quacking ducks and bleating sheep. It is really rather loud. I went out earlier and caught one of the quacking duck frogs... ugly little brown bugger called a cricket frog I think. I didn't take his picture because I didn't have the camera with me while I was kneeling in the muck and feeling through the water and grass to catch him. The bleating sheep frog on the other hand, I believe it is a green tree frog, had to be hunted down after dark and is very photogenic and willing to pose while being photographed. Lots of frogs, lots of good, natural noise. I love it here... Porter

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