Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Intro to the Big Easy

Getting closed up and ready to leave Alabama was interesting. We had to work between huge downpours and the hookups were under several inches of water and muck. Once we were road ready, the trip to New Orleans was uneventful and easy. Upon arrival, the first thing I normally do is hook up the electricity to get the air conditioners running (after opening a beer of course). I put my ice cold beer on the ground next to the RV to plug in, turned around and there was a tree frog enjoying the condensation on my beer bottle. He was a brave little bugger and allowed me to pick up the bottle and drink while he climbed onto my finger. The campground here is like no other we have seen. It is in the city on the edge of the French Quarter backed into a very depressed area. There are two amazing historic cemeteries here, one is directly behind the RV park and the other is about a block away. More on those later, with photos. The city skyline is very nice from here and very different from what we've been used to recently. I-10 is elevated and just behind the park but doesn't create any noise except for the occasional screaming sportbike or exhaust brake during the day and almost silent at night. We've gotten used to RV parks being close to railroad tracks and airports, zoning laws I think, so this is actually very quiet. The view of the city from the bedroom window is very nice at night. We have a billboard close enough to fall on the RV which is also a new experience for us. The pool and hot tub are beautiful as are the rest of the facilities here. There is a wall all the way around the park with nasty DNA collecting razor sharp blades on top and a locked gate that has security watching at all times. We feel good that the police station is only about a block away and police presence is high everywhere. We can walk to anywhere in the French Quarter from here and will update as soon as we can! Hello to everybody!

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  1. Thanks Porter for the info regarding what you do when getting to the parks. You know I love that stuff! Bet your glad we can't do a face to face cause you KNOW I'd be asking you a THOUSAND questions, LOL! This park looks very nice! Love the pool. Frogs must have freaked out the dogs cause I know how they feel about "bugs!"



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