Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Better...

The wind died down, the red tide is backing off, the sun is out and the high tide moved most of the dead fish way up the beach. This stop has gotten way better over the last couple of days. I took the Jeep out onto the beach last night, under a full moon, and just watched the waves in the moonlight. Absolutely beautiful! Our stay here has just gotten much better. We can even let the dogs romp in the water now! The sunrises over the Gulf and sunsets over Laguna Madre are spectacular.

There is a building just to our north that I thought was under construction. After watching the workers for a few days, it seemed that they were tearing it down. Strange, as it is definitely new construction. We asked around a bit and found out it is called the leaning tower of South Padre. The contractor neglected to make sure the foundation was solid, and ended up with a high-rise building with a seven degree angle. I didn't know that people that stupid still existed in positions that allowed mistakes of this degree. Nothing like tearing down a new building that was never even finished.


  1. Brilliant! (re. the advanced construction practices).

    Glad to hear the red tide is backing off!!

  2. Wow! What a waste of money to tear down a new building. I agree with you, how do such dumb people get jobs such as this??

    Glad you all are enjoying the area! Have fun.

    Mike and Gerri

  3. Matt wants to know when your heading 2 the Pacific North West? Glad to see u guys doing well. -Keith



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