Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving on!

Vicki got to cross off another dive from the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives book in San Antonio with a great lunch at the DeWese's Tip Top Cafe. Another signature in the book, and another great meal! I think I like this hobby of her's... We went to the Alamo and learned an amazing lesson on American history. Oddly enough, we learned the most about the battle itself from Phil Collins. He is a history buff, and extremely interested in the Alamo. He narrates a complete explanation of the battle during a presentation with a beautiful diorama that takes up a whole room in a place called the History Shop right across the street from The Alamo. It is a long, weird story how Phil Collins got involved in all this... but we won't go there.

Two travel days in a row is too rushed. We left San Antonio just as a front was coming through, so our first hour or so on the road was in torrential downpours separated by heavy rain. We did drive out of it and the rest of the day was not half bad for traveling. We stopped for an overnight stay in Fort Stockton Texas (in the middle of nowhere) at a very nice campground called Fort Stockton RV Park... Imagine that! Today, we pulled out early and drove to Las Cruces, New Mexico for a few nights at the Hacienda RV Resort. The weather and the drive were beautiful, except for El Paso. El Paso is plagued with smog drifting over the border from Mexico. We don't know what they are burning on the other side of the border, but the fires are everywhere and the smoke is horrible, polluting all of El Paso.


  1. How did you like the Alamo? We had an opportunity to go there this past Sept. but didn't make it and put it on another list to visit one day. I've heard pros/cons so looking forward to how you all felt.

    You might not want to know what is burning on the other side of the border!! LOL

    Travel safely,
    Mike and Gerri

  2. Hi Mike and Gerri,

    Susan here reporting on our Alamo visit. Yes, I strongly recommend visiting the Alamo if you get the chance. However, before visiting the Alamo across the street is the History Shop (Porter discusses above) that you should see first before visiting the Alamo. Phil Collins provides a great history lesson on the Alamo and helps you understand what you will be looking at. Not expensive (think $3 or $4 a person) but worth much more. We wished we had received this information first before walking the Alamo. Hope this helped!



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