Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving Fast!

We have been moving much faster lately, because we have a schedule for the first time in the past five months. We spent three nights in a beautiful RV park in Las Cruces where the views were magnificent! Vicki made friends with the local cat, and Sue made friends with everybody else. Sue got to install the New Mexico sticker on the door map and will probably do the Arizona one also, considering that we are in Tucson while writing this.

We went into Old Mesilla in Las Cruces, the town where Billy the Kid was convicted and contained, and then escaped. There is incredible history surrounding this old town, and the homes and views are gorgeous.

Sue has been really anxious to see the views from the roof of the RV, so we went topside and did the shadow dance seen in the photo.
We made a quick run to Tucson on a beautiful day to meet up with family for Thanksgiving, more on that later... Keep in touch everyone!

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  1. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!

    Love history....can't wait until we can get moving again.

    Mike and Gerri



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