Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hidden beauty

We spent the past week in an absolutely beautiful RV park on Baffin Bay Texas called Seawind RV Resort. The fishing was fantastic from the 150 yard fishing pier, the sites are huge and landscaped, and the people are incredibly friendly. There are limes growing on trees in the park, so recipes need to be adjusted to make use of the fresh citrus.
I caught the largest fish I've caught since we've been on the road, a beautiful hard fighting black drum, I didn't even know that they existed in this bay. The red drum are biting, but they are a bit small, the minimum size is 20" and most of the fish biting were in the 15-18" range.
The only issue we have with this park is that the nearest town and grocery store is 30 minutes away on 70 mph roads. The 70 mph roads here are a completely different story. It's seems like your personal safety is your own responsibility. The roads that are marked for 70 mph here would have been 35-45 mph zones in Pa. I like it here.
The other night, Vicki was out for a walk and stopped at the picnic pavillion. Within minutes, she was surrounded by a dozen or so semi-feral cats. It was an interesting and somewhat spooky experience.
We left this morning, but this was a park that we will absolutely visit again.

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  1. Oh wow it looks really beautiful and the fishing sounds incredible. A place we will put on our list to visit.
    Happy travels and be safe.

    Mike and Gerri



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