Friday, July 24, 2009

Almost Heaven

Well, once again we miscalculated time and distance so the trip to West Virginia took much longer than we anticipated. We have been averaging between 7.26 and 7.60 miles per gallon in terrain that is less than ideal for fuel mileage. We were pleased considering we are towing the jeep which only gets about 14 mpg or less on trips like this. I figure the jeep is getting about 1,000,000 mpg while being towed... not bad! The road leading to this campground was scary as hell, one lane, gravel, steep, and extremely twisty with no pull offs if someone should come from the other direction. It actually taught me a bit about the terrain we can handle with this rig.
After we got in and got set up, my sister Alison stopped by to spend the night. She brought the coolest pre-built foil pack meals to be grilled, chicken, onions, carrots, potatoes and zesty italian dressing wrapped in foil and cooked low and hot on the grill. Delicious! A word of caution though, do not dump the hot liquid on yourself when removing from the grill... Alison and her husband Allen gave us the most amazing little grill/cooker called a Cobb grill, we used it tonight, amazing! You can cook almost any meal with only 6-10 pieces of charcoal.
After Alison left, Vicki noticed the water pressure was almost nonexistent, (the toilet wouldn't even flush) and when I filled the dog bowl from an outside spigot, the water was bright orange. It turned out that there was a problem in the cistern last night and a lot of basic rusty crud was stirred up. It plugged up our water filter enough to stop the flow but after a good rinse and flush all is good again. Thank goodness for filters as our interior water was always crystal clear.
No sattelite reception again due to tree placement so I guess a portable dish is in our future. We do have 4 local channels though.
We are looking into geocaching, a sort of gps scavenger hunt for adults that looks like fun. Well, enough rambling, I'll post again if something interesting happens... Porter and Vicki

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