Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We arrived at Fox Den Acres campground in New Stanton Pa, today, otherwise known as the swamp... Hopefully it will drain well after the rain today. It is a nice little campground with a lot of attention paid to ducks and nice little ponds. There is a wild tom turkey here that has learned to beg from campers and will eat out of your hand. Vicki had some cheese on wheat crackers she didn't want and decided to try feeding the Velociturkey... She put a few crackers on the ground and the killer bird was more than pleased. Vicki then fed the Velociturkey by hand and he was still pleased. Then the crackers were gone and Vicki was still outside with a killer Velociturkey. Upon realizing Vicki had nothing left to offer, he decided the best way to get more food was to attack! He ran at her and chest bumped her leg twice before attacking with his spurs. Vicki escaped with a twelve inch scratch on her leg and was held captive by the watchful attacker for at least another half hour in the rv. The brochure says not to aggravate the birds... go figure.


  1. Defeated by a turkey... pwned by poultry.

  2. still can't beleive that nasty bird did not become a sandwich.



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