Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009 Kutztown, Pa.

This is our last day in Kutztown. Tomorrow, we head to Westfield, NY to a beach on Lake Erie. The campground sounds lovely, but we can't find any reviews online. I guess we'll have to write our own. We will be there until the 21st of July.
This is just a test posting to see if people can actually access it! Let me know everyone!



  1. That sounds awesome. This site is weird where did you find it? Have fun, Sam and I (just texted you) will be headed to Ocean City Maryland for a couple days since I had to get rid of the sick leave I never took. Sam also has off work at the cracker barrel. I like Marley in this picture, he looks confused.

  2. I can see the RV! Yeah! I'm going to be watching you live my dream every day - make sure you take lots of pictures. Your dog looks happy!

  3. How about some interior pictures too!

  4. Hey guys! Can't believe you're on the road already :) Looking forward to hearing all about it!! Hugs!!

  5. Hey i can see your head in the window. And dfeiler is right marley does look confused.


    this is a silly video, but when i heard the song i freaked out and had to send it to you. its the song you sang to me when i was little.

  7. Finally figured out how to get around this blog (I think). So glad you're having a good time. Brings back lots of memories for your Dad & me of our RV'ing days.

  8. I don't know why our name has that funny sign +amp;

    I've tried changing it numerous times and it remains the same. Oh, well!

  9. Hi, Kaitlin helped me do this. It wasn't as hard as I was making it. I hope your trip to WV was uneventful. It was great having you guys here. The kids really had a great time. I am looking forward to your next adventures on this blog. Be safe. Love ya.



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