Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lots of rain and Geocache

We searched for our first geocache today. The gps attempted to have us drive off road through private yards and properties, but we resisted and went our way (which really upset the gps lady). After about three hours and a very confusing lesson in coordinates while tangled in the deep woods of a West Virginia state park and being in the midst of a mountain bike race, success! We found the geocache! We were both tired, grumpy and very sweaty, not to mention that Rodeo was off lead for about five minutes and managed to find a big pile of stinky dung to roll in, but just as we were about to give up for the day, the clues all fell into place and we found the lock box. So on the way back to the Jeep through the woods, we rinsed Rodeo off in a stream crossing the trail but he still stunk to high heaven. The thunder storms here are driving us crazy! A hard hitting thunderstorm every day! This morning the winds picked up and we watched the awning get torn off of the camper in front of us. Can't wait to get to more stable weather and more level ground...


  1. Thanks for the picture of Marley! Have a safe drive to Tenn.

  2. i wanna do that here, but i am so bad with directions.



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