Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Made it to Lake Erie... Beautiful!

Farther than we thought and we learned a few things about planning and distance and dog bladders... all was good, they told us it was time and they got to go for a walk in the Allegheny State Forest while the rv sank into the soft shoulder. No problem, it didn't fall all the way over and drove out without a problem. I've been working 5 hours to get tv reception here with no luck, one tree next to us must be between the satellite and the dish. It is beautiful here and the dogs are thrilled with the dead fish on the beach! (Great rolling for supurb odor) Check out the photos, tiny campground, fantastic location!


  1. Yeah!!! Great pictures! Love the story too! It drives hubby nuts when the satellite won't work - we've moved the RV to get it going. Make sure to check out Niagra Falls while you are up there!

  2. Great photo's! Especially since Marley-Farley is in'em!

    Enjoy and keep on updating,


  3. Great photos! I look forward to following your adventure.


  4. These pictures are awesome. I lost the link to this blog but I'm back ha! I'm sure the jeep could get that rv out of any predicament.

  5. Hi Porter and Vicki -

    Finally found your blog - the pictures are wonderful. Rodeo looks very happy in the water. Where are you heading next? Last I could tell, you said you were leaving Lake Erie on the 21st (which was yesterday). Hope you are enjoying yourselves and keep the photos coming!! You are now saved in my favorites so I can easily find you!!

    Sue Murphy

  6. Hi guys,
    I hope the trip to tn was uneventful. Ethan's toe seems to be ok. Let us know how you are doing and where you are.


  7. OHHHH.....AHHHHHH, pReEeEeEeEeEetTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtyYyYyYyYyYy.



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