Monday, August 24, 2009

Deserted Beaches, Beautiful Weather, Great Food!

We are considering staying here a bit longer... The local restaurants are out of this world if you ask the bartenders where the best spots are. Today we ate at Back Bay, a tiny spot right on the smaller section of bay backed into a large marina without any boats in it. We can't tell why. I forgot to bring the camera to that spot, so no photos. Yesterday we hit another spot called Shaggy's which is apparently a tourist hotspot also. Luckily, this is the off season and nothing is crowded. The shrimp boats come in to a couple of ports nearby and sell fresh shrimp for $2.00 a pound. We talked to another local fisherman who was using $2.00 a pound shrimp as bait for real fish. He said it was almost impossible to make a living shrimping due to the low prices shrimp bring. The photo of the Joleen fishing boat was taken to show the condition of many of the boats we see in the harbor. It is hard to tell from the photo, but many of these boats appear to have been built in the 1940's or 50's and maintained just enough to operate... scary.

Pay attention to the photos, as they will show missing lower floors on buildings and foundations, parking lots and floors left on the ground with no buildings. One photo shows the destruction of a fishing pier on our beach, all of the decking boards and railings were torn off. Due to Katrina eliminating the buildings and shops between the campground and the beach we have a great view of the Mississippi Sound,(inside the barrier islands from the Gulf of Mexico) the beaches are white and wide and the water is warm and shallow. At low tide, you can walk out several hundred yards from the beach and the water is probably 90 degree's or so. We have to keep close watch on Rodeo because he spots fish jumping out of the water way off the beach and keeps chasing them until he is way off the beach with them. Today, he was at least 150 yards out before we could get him to come back in, luckily, he could still touch bottom in most spots. I have never seen a dog that loved water this much!


  1. Okay! My favorite picture is the one with Rodeo Waiting For the Pork Loin while watching TV!! LOL! That damn dog is a trip! Thanks for all the great pictures! I love the ones that show the park and how you have things set up. (btw, nice carpet Vic!) Yeah, as long as there was some type of constant breeze I could complete a LOT of books in that shade. Oh, and don't forget to pass the shirmp! Yum!

    Seen a lot of Wally while he jogs the neighborhood. Haven't had the chance to touch base with him yet. Wally, if your reading this we'll get togeather soon!

    Okay guys keep the info coming! Great pictures!

  2. A boat called joleen? are you still in southern areas? i love that dolly parton song!!!



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