Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grand Old Opry House and Incredible Hotel

We went to the new Grand Old Opry House yesterday, it's a big building where really famous people play music. The resort hotel next to it however, is incredible! Indoor river and water falls, HUGE fish and fantastic plants and scenery. Check out the photo of the atrium! We also toured Cooter's, the incredible collection of everything Hazzard County has to offer. The General Lee was a 383 car slightly modified.

We made a uneventful trip to Memphis today and are staying at EZ Daze Campground in Mississippi. We figure about a week here and then move toward Biloxi. Hello to all!


  1. When you went to Cooters which one of you wore the Daisy Duke shorts? I know it was Porter!! (ROFL at the picture in my head!) "You got a purty mouth"

    I am a twisted Sistah, what can I say?! LOL!

  2. I love that movie!(dukes of hazzard) was it like a country bar?



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