Sunday, August 9, 2009

Typical Tourism and Animal Abuse

Well, we took a basic bus tour of Downtown Nashville, what a beautiful city! We got to wander through the Ryman Auditorium,(the original Grand Old Opry) it was really awe inspiring to think of the careers that were built there and the history. We also stopped in at Legend's Corner for a Corona while a live band was performing. The bar is amazing inside, a collection of music related items from all time periods and all types of music. The whole strip there is a collection of bars and unique shops and restuarants, most of which have live performers playing, so music is everywhere. Music row was interesting, with each studio posting congratulations outside for each recent hit song that an artist recorded there. Big hits, tiny studios. The Country Music Hall of Fame was very interesting and included everything from original lyrics written on napkins to cars and motorcycles that belonged to past and current stars. There is a huge park in Nashville that has a full size reproduction of the Parthenon... Go figure, they call Nashville the Athens of the South. We are right across the street from the new Grand Old Opry and our tour guide gave us some inside information on an entrance that avoids the $18.00 parking fee. We'll probably check that out today.

Notice how stressed out the dogs look in the photos, they are adapting well and always glad to see us come home. They certainly make for good company and supply us with nose smudges on every window in the RV, including the windshield...

Maintenance issues persist as always. The Mobile RV Repair guy was very friendly when he looked at our Gorilla taped in and disassembled door awning. His repair advice was "Take it to a Fleetwood dealer.", so I guess we're on our own for now. Of course the manufacturer of the awning had a factory fire and is not supplying parts at this time. Oh, I almost forgot, the Jeep broke another swaybar link. Luckily, I have a spare in the console, always fun in a gravel lot in 95 degree heat and 100% humidity... After what we've seen in the RV parks, Jeep should have been quite profitable, every other towed vehicle is a Jeep! Well, thanks for your interest and you can always e-mail me(Porter)@ By the way, thank you Brian, for showing Frank the blog and giving Keith and Matt the address. Keep in touch guys! Porter and Vicki


  1. Great photo's! I love seeing what you guys are looking at! And of course Stink looks like he is living the life!! Miss you both!

  2. I like the map on your door, very cool... how full will that be by the end of this trip?

  3. I love that map! where do you get the stickers? are you guys getting bumper stickers from every where?



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