Monday, August 31, 2009

Robots and Casinos

This is a shot of the little robot that supplies electricity and water to us on demand. (The sewer connection is a bit shy.) These little connections are a welcome sight after a days drive!

We went to the Treasure Bay Casino yesterday with a $20.00 limit each. They serve "free" drinks while you gamble, which was entertaining as we were playing penny slots. Three Bud Lights and one Malibu Bay Breeze later, we were down to about $11.00 and wanted to go back to the RV. We changed the bet to "max bet" at $4.00 a pull, the machine hit big with 20 free pulls and we walked away with $184.00 and change... A good day. We were going to head to New Orleans on Wednesday, but it turns out that there is a major gay men's celebration there this weekend called "Southern Decadence"... costume contests, parades, and banana sucking contests, on top of which it costs extra to stay there during the festivities. We are going to go east to Gulf Shores Alabama for a week first, that way we avoid the festival and get to New Orleans for the first regular season Saints game... Still crowded, still have to pay extra, but a different crowd... We need to do some local research before we move...

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  1. Ha! In New Orleans you never know what you might get! Hope you had a safe ride to Bama! Vic and Porter once there you MUST put your feet in the water, hold a cocktail and say, "For my friend Susan who couldn't be here I will not chug a simple beer. But in its place a cocktail to taste to chug instead in the Bama state!" Feel free to repeat as necessary. Could end up more fun then GeoCashing, LOL!



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