Friday, August 14, 2009

Love Me Legal Tender

God bless Priscilla! She is making money hand over fist. Graceland was a letdown for us. The "mansion" is smaller than our old house, and the furnishings are (understandably) tacky. It looked like the Brady Bunch house on drugs. We paid 66 dollars to get in to see the house, the airplanes (the big one was pretty cool) and the Elvis cars. Each attraction dumps you into a gift shop that sells everything from ashtrays to sequined jumpsuits with Elvis' face on them. Because we're here during Elvis week, there are ETA's (Elvis tribute artists) everywhere!! We saw an old Elvis standing next to Elvis' grave. Young Elvis, Vegas Elvis, old fat Elvis, asian Elvis, black Elvis, female Elvis!!! Porter actually started to point out men who did not look like Elvis because it was so rare. People-watching was great. We saw the Heartbreak Hotel (don't bother), and then came home. Glad we saw it, but we still believe that the most important thing to see in Memphis is the National Civil Rights Musuem. Btw- we heard that Lisa Marie and Priscilla were in their private apartment in the mansion, but we didn't see them. Apparently, they have a family prayer service at the gravesite every year.

We have seen something at this campground that we weren't aware of before. There is a whole group of people here who travel around the country in campers working long term jobs. They raise their families in campgrounds, and the school bus stops here to take the kids to school. We met a second generation family who only know this way of life and wouldn't have it any other way. They work for a company that installs pipelines for gas companies and so do their sons. They live next door to each other in their fifth wheels. We are awakened every morning at 5 am by the diesel trucks firing up to get these guys to work. The women spend their days at the pool or the shopping centers. Certainly not the way I would have wanted to raise our kids.

We're leaving here Tuesday and heading to Biloxi, Mississippi via Jackson.


  1. I guess you guys were TMI on the ETA's? LOL! Glad I missed Graceland but so happy you enjoyed the Civil Rights Musuem. That was my favorite stop as well. But your photo's were excellent! Thanks!

    Hope you had a good drive to Biloxi!

  2. I like Porter's new look. He and Dad both have beards now! It looks like you're having a blast. Keep it going.

  3. I.......LOVE.........THAT..........CAR!!!!!! and elvis, sorry elvis, got carried away by your awesome taste in cars and tv rooms.



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