Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Down in Mississippi and up to no good.

We are in Biloxi Mississippi! The drive here was uneventful. Vicki took a picture through the windshield to show the open road. We arrived in Biloxi and the devastation from Katrina was immediately evident. Notice the one photo of the No Parking sign on a parking lot that is currently located under water. Everything here changed after the hurricane. The whole area is being rebuilt slowly, and the number of driveways that lead to empty lawns with bare foundations is amazing. The dogs have never seen salt water before, and were shocked that it is not potable. They had a ball playing in the shallow water of the Gulf and could go out several hundred feet without having to swim. Apparently the water stays very shallow for a long distance here. Just checking in, much more to follow from the Gulf Coast.


  1. Can't say that I am shocked to hear that the devastation remains. All those people who lost EVERYTHING. . .

    Looks like the kids are having a great time playing in the water. I remember how Mr. Man loved the creek so I can only imagine the fun he is having. And poor Stink-Stink! He looks scared to death! But his Flag is flying high as always, LOL!

    Nothing happening in Pa except hot humid weather. You are getting the same I am sure. Vic, days like this make me wish for those nights I left your house and made you look at the night sky. Remember how refreshing the air was and how beautiful the night sky?

    Miss you guys terribly and enjoy reading and seeing your trip as it goes. Keep the picture and blogs coming! I am following you!

  2. that picture of rodeo is out of this world!!!! you need to enter it in a contest. did porter take it? your good at that porter.



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