Friday, October 23, 2009

Advances in energy

Corpus Christi certainly does its part for energy. Aside from the active ports, oil wells, and refineries, this is a side of this area that is very impressive. I was admiring these windmills from a distance, so I finally took a couple of side roads to get close. VERY impressive! They are much more quiet than I expected, just a muted woosh, woosh as the massive blades spin. There are wind turbines as far as I can see, all placed in the middle of farm fields and pastures. In some cases, the turbines are sharing field space with oil wells. Old meets new.

We are constantly running across new species of birds that we aren't used to and the sunsets are always gorgeous!


  1. Any complaints about the number of birds being killed by the windmills? That has become quite an issue in Montana with the wind generators up that way. I wasn't sure if it was a nationwide problem or not. But they are impressive.

    Jim won't stop grinning!!! He wants to know how soon we can save enough money for him to drive another race car.



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