Thursday, October 1, 2009


We ran into something today that shocked us. In the suburbs of Philadelphia, we have seen people in traffic blow their horns or cut into or through funeral processions. Today, on the way home from getting the RV inspected, we ended up being the first vehicle behind a funeral procession. The sherriff's department escorted the funeral procession front and rear and also directed traffic at every intersection, at least five sherriff's vehicles were involved. What surprised us was that EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE, 18 wheelers included, in opposing traffic (a four lane 70mph speed limit road) pulled over and stopped while the funeral passed. We checked into the traffic laws here and found out that there is no legal requirement to do this, but EVERYONE in the rural areas of Texas does this out of respect for the deceased. We were shocked and very impressed. It is very different here, and not in a bad way. Everyone we have had contact with so far has been extremely friendly.
Many of the homes here would not be legal for occupation in the Philly suburbs, sections of roof missing and porches falling off. As with most areas we have been in, there are a lot of good people here with no means to make more than a basic living. We saw a car in the grocery store parking lot today that obviously had a tree fall on it. The right side windows and rear window were gone and the roof and right side c-pillar were crushed and rusty, yet still on the road. In the same parking lot was an open style horse trailer with two saddled horses waiting for their owners. We see something new every day! Life is good. Again, everyone stay in touch!


  1. Isn't it nice that courtesy does still exist in this world of ours! As RVers you really learn to appreciate any little act of kindness - like the guy who blinks his lights to let you know you can pull in, or the guy who hollers at you to let you know you forgot the antenna. Those people make life so much nicer.

    Something new every day - definitely!

  2. We are also in Texas, the northern part, almost in Oklahoma. We have also discovered the same type atmosphere among the folks of Texas. It is sooooo pleasant. We are truly impressed with Texas!!!
    Gerri and Mike (happytrails)



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