Monday, October 12, 2009

Johnson Space Center

We went to the Johnson Space Center here in Houston today. WOW! We went through the exhibits, touched a rock that came from the moon, saw multiple space capsules that have actually been in orbit and one that delivered the lunar module. I unfortunately left the camera in the RV... All the better, everyone needs to see this for themselves. Vicki and I are only three years apart in age, but with certain things, it makes a real difference in perception. Vicki grew up knowing that we had already been to the moon, whereas I remember the lunar landing. We don't think that many of the younger people realize the risk, discomfort, and bravery that led to the current space program. Vicki came away from this with a new respect for the space program.
The training module for Skylab is here, as are multiple space suits that have been used. We walked around a complete Saturn 5 Rocket on display in Rocket Park. I am a machine FANATIC and I have never seen anything even close to this! It's truly amazing what human ingenuity can do. There is a full size Space Shuttle mock up you can go through, multiple simulators, rocket engines on display, a Lunar Module, a Lunar Rover, and the extremely secure moon soil and rock analysis lab where the huge two foot thick vault doors warn you that they will close very fast in any kind of security breach.

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  1. How fascinating!! I grew up in Daytona Beach and remember the early space program down the road at Cape Canaveral. As a child, I remember how exciting it was. Sounds like the space center in Houston is a place to go see.
    Have fun!!

    Mike and Gerri



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