Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This post is specifically for Jim and Sandie. You had asked about the fishing at Marina Bay RV Resort, and I had said that people were fishing, but not a lot of catching... Well, yesterday, a fisherman who has been very patient and has told me the fishing there is good, caught a flounder about 8 inches long. This was the first fish I've seen caught on a line since I've been there. This morning, he walked by with a two or three pound red. As we were hooking up the Jeep to leave the park, I glanced toward the water and saw him pulling at what appeared to be a snag. Check out the photos of the snag. 14lb test line on light gear, guessing 40-60 pound red. Wait for our next update, the Colorado River meets the Gulf of Mexico at this RV park. Fishing looks fantastic.

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  1. WOW!!! I don't dare show this to Jim. He'll get the shakes because he hasn't been able to do any fishing because of the weather. Keep us posted.



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