Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paradise and disappointment.

We stumbled onto this RV park, and after reading the reviews, decided to only sign on for two nights. BIG MISTAKE! We could spend months here, however when we tried to sign on for five more days, we were told that there were no open spots. The beaches here are georgeous and dog friendly. As a matter of fact, compared to up north, the beaches are people friendly. You can drive on the beach, run your dog, or spend the night by a campfire while fishing. Here, the beaches seem to belong to the people and you are free to enjoy what nature has to offer. Not at all like the local beaches along the Jersey coast where you need to purchase a "beach tag" just for the priviledge of walking on the "no frisbee, no football, no fishing, no dogs" beach. They have it right down here.We are talking about Matagorda Bay Nature RV Park in Texas. We will definitely come back here. The dogs are absolutely loving life here! I also really enjoy taking the "you might sink in" route back and forth from the beach in the Jeep. That is really why I wanted to bring the Jeep in the first place.

I got my resident fishing license this morning, however, I don't own any salt water gear... I set up as best as I could with the light action equipment and 4lb test line that is all that we brought with us. I was thrilled! I caught 8 fish this afternoon, most of which I couldn't identify. (They were all turned loose) We are so disappointed that we have to leave here. Tonight, we are trying to find another campground that can compare... Good Luck to us on that one, even the prices here are good, $30.00 a night for a 50 amp site.


  1. Now I can hardly wait to get down that way and spend some time at this RV park. A definite "must".

  2. I agree with Jim and Sandie.... this is a "must".



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