Sunday, October 11, 2009

Potential landing spots...

Once again, we stumbled into an area that we could imagine staying for a while. Kemah Texas is a great place to be. It's on Galveston Bay, so it doesn't have the crystal clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, but if you are into fishing, boating or just sitting by the water and enjoying a margarita... this is the place. If you are ever in this area, make sure you check out the Kemah Boardwalk. The turkey leg smoker steam train on the boardwalk was totally cool! It has a wood fire in the rear, and the smoke comes out of the smokestack. Very cute. As a matter of fact, the whole boardwalk was very nice and very well set up. Something for everyone and beautiful views. There were a couple of duck food dispensers along the boardwalk and we got a big kick out of one very smart grackle that figured out how to get a free meal. She actually opened the flap and stuck her head into the machines to get any left over pellets. We are in a fantastic RV park right on the water and enjoy watching fish leap out of the water and seabirds hunt very successfully. The pelicans are particularly fun to watch, as they are awful large and make quite a splash on impact when diving after fish. We also had a pink flamingo wading behind the RV, and no, it wasn't plastic.
We now have a jackolantern on the dashboard that has been threatening the antenna mounted Mickey Mouse on the Jeep...They will work it out, I'm sure. It turns out that the RV is very easy to decorate. Well, I'm just going to throw a lot of random photo's up so everyone can see what we see and again, keep in touch. Porter and Vicki


  1. This definitely sounds like a place I need to put on our must visit list. Done any fishing? Poor Jim is suffering withdrawal because he hasn't been able to fish since we started on this journey. I'm hoping next week when we're near Lake Philpott he'll get a chance to fish.

  2. What a nice place! We'll have to put that on our list of places to visit.
    I like the jack-o-lantern! I hope Mickey can handle it!!!!
    Take care,
    Mike and Gerri (happytrails)



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